V.I.P Protection


A multinational company planned to have an event for its owners and the member of the board in Africa. The event should take place both in bigger cities but also in more remote areas of the country which put high demands on flexibility and local knowledge. Before the event Centipede was given the task to make an assessment of the different locations that was planned for the event and with its result build up an appropriate security set up around it. Together with our experience and partners Centipede took the lead and did secure the event for the client throughout an active Security Management position around the activity. 


Project Saving the Rhino


Every day the Rhino population in Africa is constantly reduced in the different reserves as a result of the illegal hunt. A group of different companies and organizations has got together to form and create a solution to minimize this illegal hunt of this beautiful and powerful animal. Centipede was asked to support the group with is special knowledge around the creation of  the special tactics needed to integrate the technique used in the project with the personnel on the ground doing the actual arrests and tracking of the hunters.  



With help from our business partner ELITS we can provide you with the necessary knowledge.



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