Analysis and assessments

The analysis is the starting point in all our activities and the most important factor for success. Our consultants will perform a security audit identifying which key-assets need to be protected and what possible risks and existing weaknesses there are in the project. The audit will conclude in recommendations on the implementation of a cost effective security solution/system. We will work closely with the client during the whole implementation process until a sufficient system is in place.

Our services include country and incident analysis, situational reports, feasibility studies, weekly intelligence.


Creation of standards and protection plans

A common process after the work with the security audit and it´s recommended security measures are to formalize the company, the organizations security plan. The purpose with the security plan is to regulate and describe how the customer protects is assets. Along with this work all the other necessary routines within the client’s activity are standardised to achieve better efficiency in the company. These plans and standards or standard operation procedures (S.O.P) fulfil an important role towards the client’s customers and shows that the client has implemented measures that protects the assets/ product that they sell.


Framing of crises organizations

All crises are different and must be handled without preconceptions. We provide consultancy services to identify and implement strategies for assessing, reducing and avoiding risks to your operation. This includes tailor-made packages ranging from organizational preparedness by training, infrastructural development and crisis management exercises to continuous early warning monitoring and responsive crisis management support and advice. A long with this we form and construct the clients Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) which will be the client’s standard operation procedure to handle a crises situation.



With help from our business partner ELITS we can provide you with the necessary knowledge.



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