Because of the personnel’s background and throw out the company’s experience from different projects, Centipede has a wide experience dealing with a wide range of incidents around the globe. We can provide our clients support prior to and during critical incidents or emergencies.


Senior management support

Centipede offer a range of crisis management support for CEOs and management teams including preparation, planning and training which goes hand in hand with our work with the company disaster recovery plan (DRP). Due to our network we can deploy specialist in the fields of medical support or kidnap and ransom advisors.


Emergency response team

The first three hours in a crisis situation is the most important ones. Centipede can offer support and take direct action against an incident that has happened throw our special designed Quick Response Team. The team will get in and take immediate actions that are necessary to reduce the consequences of the situation. We can offer this service 24-7.


Evacuation planning and implementation

You never know when crises occur. With good preparations, standard operation procedures (S.O.P) and awareness the risk for an incident is reduced. Sometimes it still happens even if we are ready and prepared; it could be a natural disaster for example. Centipede can offer support to build up along with the crisis management work a plan for evacuation of persons/ personnel and implement it on spot.



With help from our business partner ELITS we can provide you with the necessary knowledge.



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