The world around us is constantly changing and as a result of that it is vital to be prepared and have the right level of readiness to be able to avoid or handle a situation. Therefore Centipede can offer a wide range of training to help companies, project teams, organizations or private individuals to be prepared.

We have specialized training in:

  • Deployment Ready Training – focus on preparation for a specific region/ country
  • Safe Business Traveler – be ready before during and after
  • Information Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security Awareness Training (SAT) – trust your feeling
    • Behaviour in high risk area
    • Hostile environment training
  • First Aid, CPR and D-CPR
  • Self  Protection
  • Defensive driver training


“To have the knowledge before it happens
and have the knowledge to act when it happens”



With help from our business partner ELITS we can provide you with the necessary knowledge.



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